A 14-year old girl dies after receiving cervical cancer Cervarix vaccine from school administration. Natalie Morton, of Coventry Northern England, was rushed to hospital after the vaccination but died few hours later. Coventry Public Health Director Dr. Caron Grainger, however, told Telegraph there was no link that can be made between the death and the vaccine until all facts are known and post-mortem takes place.
Natalie Morton, of Coventry Northern England dies after receiving cervical cancer Cervarix vaccine
Jumping into conclusion is premature at this point, Dr. Andrew Persce, president of Australian Medical Association said. He advised parents not to panic or hold their daughters from being vaccinated. Cervarix is approved for use in Australian women aged 10-45. It is used as protection for women against 16 and 18 of human papillomavirus or HPV, which together cause about 70 percent of cervical cancer.

On the other hand, children themselves are scared about what’s going to happen to them after the vaccination. According to the authorities, this case is very rare since millions of Cervarix doses are given around the world, yet nothing like this happened before. While it was possible the young woman suffered a severe adverse reaction to Cervarix, Dr. Persce says "unfortunately, there are rare causes of sudden death in young adults not necessarily related to the vaccine".

This issue could stir resistance to the forthcoming vaccination against H1N1. Health care workers in their Urbane scrubs or Cherokee scrubs, and authorities may have to push more efforts to sway people for support of the program, which is expected on mid October.

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